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Go Forward Pest Control is winning because they are aware that right now, the attention of their audience is on the internet. During my first meeting with the owner, Mr. Randy Daumar, I spent no time in convincing him that they should also allocate a budget for advertising online especially with Facebook, though, I have explained to him how Facebook Advertising works. After that first meeting, he agreed that I will be running Facebook ad campaigns for his business.

During my early days with Go Forward Pest Control, I am not yet aware with Facebook’s Relevance score in the Ads Manager and how it works, so I only rely on the numbers of engagement it got after it started running to see if it is working well or not since I was just running ad campaigns with an engagement objective at that time. Basically, Relevance Score is a rating from 1 to 10 that estimates how well your target audience is responding to your ad. This score is shown after your ad receives more than 500 impressions.

On the first few ads that I created for them, I believe I was able to create a winning ad for them, though I cannot really give a concrete proof because when I searched through my Ads Manager in my old ad account, no relevance score is indicated on that ad, I do not know the reason why there is no relevance score on that ad, maybe because the ad is from a year ago. You can check out the screen shots of the ad below and you can check the Facebook ad itself by clicking this link:

This is the only ad campaign I found from my Ads Manager with this ad content, I used to create an entirely separate ad campaign every month even though the ad content I’m using is the same because I am not yet that familiar with the Ads Manager during that time and so my old ad account became very unorganized because of it, also, all of my previous ads for all of my clients were in that old ad account which makes it worst. I was not yet using Facebook Business Manager to manage different ad accounts during at that time so it’s kinda messed up.

You can see that it generated a lot of engagements and shares. If you could also see from the first screenshot, the cost per result is only 0.18 cents in Philippine Peso. At the end part of this post, I will justify why this ad is truly a winning ad.

A Better Digital Marketing Service

After gaining some experience in creating Facebook ads and learning from different online resources, I have improved my services to my clients. I have started creating and setting up Facebook Business Manager for each of my client so their ads would be more organized, that way, I can manage it easily and efficiently. I have also learned how to run split test ads to determine which ad and/or ad set would work well and I have also learned how to create and run different ad campaign objectives such as Traffic, Messages, etc.

Since Go Forward Pest Control have a decent amount of monthly ad budget which is enough for me to run a split test ad, I have created and ran a split test ad for them to validate the assumptions that I had on what type of ad campaign, ad set and ad would work for them based on the winning ad that I have created before.

The type of split test that I have created for them is the creative split test, my objective for running that split test is to validate if our target audience is more likely to react on images with pests or would they react more to an image of a happy family that portrays a pest-free home. In this split test, the winner is the ad with images of pests.

After knowing that our audience is more likely to engage to our ad with images of pests, we decided to use that types of images in all our ads. I have tried different ad campaign objectives like Traffic and Messages but they are not performing very well, we got low relevance scores. See screenshot below.

Because of this, I decided to have the same concept from my winning ad before and I have just validated that it was truly a winning ad. If you would take a look at the screenshot below and compare it with the first screenshot of this post, you can see that they are identical, both ad had a high reach and got a lot of engagement though the ad from before had a lower cost per result which is better because it means that we are getting more results out of our ad budget, though I am not really saying it is much better than the recent ad because we are still running the recent ad and the cost per result might still go down as time passes by. The ad that I created that was inspired from my previous winning ad got a relevance score of perfect 10 and this is the ad that I am scaling for Go Forward Pest Control. We have been getting a lot inquiries through this ad. See some screenshots below or you can also check out the ad itself by clicking this link:

You might be wondering why there are 2 same ads, the one on top is the active one with the updated ad set, the one on the bottom is not delivering with the old ad set.



For me, the key factors that makes this a winning ad are the copy and the images. Both the copy and the images sends a message of danger to our target audience which creates a sense of urgency to take action. This strategy is like what we see in the commercials of Safeguard soap, they are sending a message that you can get different diseases if you don’ wash your hand with their soap. In this case, it’s most likely the same, we are trying to make our audience aware that if they would not do something about their pest problem, they can get different diseases brought by pests and by hiring Go Forward Pest Control, they can avoid these diseases.

PRO Tip: Before the ad creation stage, create a custom audience of people who have engaged with your Facebook Page and those who have visited your website (if you have one) then during the ad creation stage, set some exclusions in the custom audience. By doing this, you can avoid spending your ad budget on those people who have already seen your ad, have already engaged with your page or have already visited your website.

Additional Services aside from Facebook Ads

Because of my desire to really help my clients succeed without breaking the bank, I have offered additional services to them with no increase in my monthly service fee. For Go Forward Pest Control, I am also running Google AdWords campaign for them to reach those potential customers who are already problem-aware. I am also shooting and editing videos for them since we are aggressively strengthening their brand.

Do you need help in marketing your small business online?

I prefer working with small business owners. Seeing them grow and succeed gives me a great sense of accomplishment. If you are a small business owner who needs help in digital marketing, you may send me an email at karlpatrickacuna@gmail and let’s discuss how we can work together.